Paid Search Marketing: Can It Learn From Database Marketing?


Database marketing is a type of direct marketing, emphasizing the use of statistical methods for analyzing consumer behavior that underlies the choice of contacts for advertising communication. With the help of mathematical data modeling, consumer behavior models are developed that allow the company to effectively allocate marketing resources. Database marketing assumes that the company has the right to use information storage and how to collect and process data on potential consumers.

Customer databases are divided into two types depending on the type of clientele of the company:

  • Customer
  • Corporate

Customer bases are used by companies that produce and sell products to the final consumer (B2C). Corporate databases contain specialized information about companies that are buyers of certain products (B2B), which is often more detailed.

A high-quality database contains personal information about the customer, as well as a history of interaction with them. Often the database includes information about the client’s actions on the Internet, his interests, etc.

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