Using Video to Improve Search Campaign Conversion


If people get to your site from a search campaign, it means they are looking for answers to their questions or interested in products that you offer. But they directly get some questions. Some of the main questions are:

  • Can this site/company be trusted?
  • Is your product right for them?

How to answer these questions?

You can write on the site that we are good guys and we have a great product, you can also add beautiful pictures and customer reviews.
And it will work, but the efficiency will be low…

Because no one is reading now. Using the text, it is difficult to give a complete picture of the product, besides, to read you need to strain your brains.

What to do?
Use the video!

Video is the most comfortable and most efficient way to consume information fast.

Internet users spend 88% more time on the site, where there is a video – Mist Media

A whole generation has grown up watching exclusively videos. Previously, people went to the site Google, now immediately go to YouTube, and only then everything else.

You’ll say that making videos is expensive, but you don’t need expensive videos and you don’t need to advertise anything. All you need is a conversion video, and it’s not expensive.

Conversion video

Conversion video is a video in which you answer the questions of your customers, they get real benefits. This increases the credibility of you and your product, hence increases the conversion of the site.

61% of customers after watching the video are more confident in their choice – Internet Retailer

For example, you can do short reviews on goods. Or a company representative can record an interview with a story about the company. You can write down instructions on how to use the product. You can also record feedback or answers to customers’ questions – there are many options, all of them are united by specific benefits for visitors to the site.

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